MultiVerse Capital

Why MVC = Defi 3.0?

Traditional Defi & $MVC Defi 3.0 comparison
Traditional Defi (1.0 & 2.0)
MVC Defi 3.0
BuyBack & Burn: Increase price but no help for liquidity.
BuyBack & "Burn to Liquidity": Increase both price & liquidity for long term price stabilization.
Users owned liquidity: will be dangerous when crypto winter comes & everyone break their liquidity to convert to stable coins
Protocol owned liquidity: Liquidity can never be dried up because it's owned by the protocol from the Buyback & burn to Liquidity process.
Limited farming: Can only farm on single chain
Multi-chain farming: Can invest in the best & newest farms on multiple chain
Manual stake & compound: Stressful process of moving from farm to farm to stake, harvest & compound manually
Buy & relax, MVC will auto-stake & compound for you: MVC will do all the farming & auto-compounding on multiple chains.
Manual earnings collection: Earnings need to be collected from multiple farms on multiple chains manually
Automatic earnings distribution: Earnings will be automatically distributed via 10% transaction tax reflection & from MVC farming profit buyback.
No price floor or price floor increase linearly: Most of Defi 1.0 projects have no mechanism to keep price floor.
Some Defi 2.0 project have a treasure to buyback & keep price floor going up but this treasury has no auto-compounding mechanism like MVC and can only increase linearly by time.
Price floor increasing exponentially: Because the farming treasury is used to farm on multiple chains and then auto compound its profit, the treasury fund increase exponentially by time. This fund is used to buyback $MVC to increase the price floor, so the price floor can also increase exponentially.