MultiVerse Capital

Hyper Deflationary burning mechanism

MVC has a true ~1.18% burn on every transaction, and this number is always increasing. Why?
The black hole has 72 Billions $MVC or 7.2% of total supply.
Because the black hole is counted as a normal holder, it accumulates 7.2% of total tax on every transaction.
Top 3 wallets are dev wallet, marketing wallet & future investors wallet; are excluded from rewards, so they receive no $MVC reflection, because we think it's fairer for holders who actually have purchased MVC.
So 39% of total supply does not receive reflection. Only 61% receive $MVC reflection.
—> Burn wallet (black hole) actually gets 7.2% / 61% = 11.8% of total transaction tax.
Each transaction tax is 10% —> 1.18% of each transaction is sent to the black hole and burned.
This black hole becomes bigger and bigger as it eats $MVC, so the percentage of burning becomes higher & higher.
We can say $MVC is deflating at about 1.18% burn on every transaction, so that our total supply will constantly be deflating against your balance, while your balance is constantly increasing against an ever-deflating supply. This built-in mechanism creates a true supply/demand metric to the MVC token as it becomes ever scarcer with volume.
On Dec 23, 2.3 BILLION $MVC AUTO-BURNED (= $42,175)
We are proud to announce that $MVC is on the road to becoming Hyper-Deflationary.
* Over 7% of the Total Supply Burned to Create a Blackhole starting with 70 Billion $MVC
This burn wallet is like a user wallet, it also has its reflections for each transaction.
Now, the Total Value Burned is: 72.3 Billion $MVC ($1.4M)
* 2.3 Billion $MVC ($42.1K) more has been burned to the Blackhole!
* The Blackhole Reflections will Compound FOREVER to reduce Circulating Supply.
Check here:
Blackhole starting with 70 Billion $MVC