MultiVerse Capital

Buybacks & Burn to Liquidity

MVC uses farming profits to regularly buy $MVC and $BNB, then "burn" them to liquidity. Buybacks occur at least once every 24 hours. In the first few weeks farming profit accumulation is the top priority so buybacks will happen when the farming profit is big enough.
To prevent front-running, buybacks are not announced right before they happen.
🪐Where the buyback's fund comes from, is it limited?🤔
MVC unique yield farming mechanism will provide an infinite revenue stream backed up by any selling of $MVC token, which can be invested in multi-chain farms such as AVAX, Fantom... & compound and then buy back $MVC and add to the liquidity pool.
The buyback's fund comes from profit of MVC Multi-chain farming, so the more time the project run, the bigger the fund —-> buyback is unlimited.
🪐How $MVC Buybacks & Burn to Liquidity Work?🤔
In the world of Decentralized Finance, buy backs are a prevalent mechanism to support price. However, most projects will “Buy Back and Burn”, which does nothing to improve the position of the LP (Liquidity Pool). In sharp contrast, MultiVerse Capital has improved the buy back process to increase liquidity at the same time, which makes price both increase and more stable over time!
#Step 1: Get profit from multi-chain farming, compound it #Step 2: Use part of the profit to Buy Back $MVC & $BNB #Step 3: Add Liquidity to $MVC/ $BNB LP Pool
💹This will both increase price & grow liquidity for price stabilization!
💹Look at Thoreum, their buyback fund is nearly $5M now without farming & compounding. Imagine what will happen in MVC if over time that $5M is farmed & compounded every day —> the buyback fund is unlimited.